The Internal Revenue Code is a massive, complex, tangle of rules and it changes nearly every year.

With over 20 years of experience in tax preparation, 15 years of taxpayer representation, and over 30 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) per year, Jennifer MacMillan, EA provides the highest quality in tax services.


Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services are available for Individuals and Small Businesses.


Representation services include IRS Problem Resolution, Offer In Compromise, Audit Management and Representation during Examination by Tax Agencies. Penalty Abatement, and numerous other services related to IRS and tax agencies in the state of California.


IRS Audits are best handled by a representative with a thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code. Honest taxpayers often find themselves with large assessments from audits due solely to their lack of knowledge of tax law or misunderstanding of the records they should supply to prove their income and deductions. Representation by an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Tax Attorney means the taxpayer can usually avoid meeting with the IRS completely, minimizing the stress during the process as well. Jennifer MacMillan, EA has the extensive knowledge and resources necessary to provide you with the best possible outcome under audit.


Taxpayers have rights and options when it comes to compliance and collection issues with the IRS. Un-filed  and / or unpaid taxes can seem overwhelming and can feel like a black cloud is constantly overhead. Competent representation can ease the anxiety and cut through the mass of rules and regulations to resolve nearly any tax collection issue as quickly as possible.